When was the last time someone looked at your heart?

Why early detection matters.

A recent study looked at close to 1 million patients newly diagnosed with heart failure and found that over ⅓ were diagnosed in the emergency department or other inpatient hospital setting. Of these patients, nearly half had potential heart failure symptoms in the prior 6 months.

Our goal is to prevent missed opportunities to take early action and avoid expensive hospital visits by empowering people with valuable information about their heart.

How It Works:


Schedule your non-invasive cardiac ultrasound.


Get scanned by a healthcare worker in the comfort of your home.


Receive your heart health exam results within 96 hours.

Launching early 2022 in the Bay Area, CA
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Frequently Asked Questions

What information does the heart health exam provide?

The heart health exam leverages our Caption Guidance and Caption Interpretation ultrasound technologies, as well as readings by independent board-certified cardiologists, to provide key measurements of cardiac function including how well your left ventricle pumps blood with each heartbeat and the structure of the different chambers and valves of your heart. The results provide a comparison of these findings to clinical guidelines for heart health, indicating whether measurements are in the “normal” range.

This information is valuable for any health-conscious individual and can be especially useful for people with hypertension, coronary artery disease, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, obesity, current or former smokers, or those with a personal or family history of heart disease.

Does the heart health exam diagnose disease?

The heart health exam does not diagnose disease. Similar to a lab blood test, measurements are shared in comparison to clinical standards for “normal” ranges of each value and indicate whether results are inside or outside of the normal range. Results should be taken to a primary care physician or other healthcare provider for further evaluation and possible diagnosis.

Who is eligible for a heart health exam?

The heart health exam is currently available for adults in the Bay Area, California located in San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, and Alameda counties.

In order to provide the best possible care, we unfortunately cannot screen individuals in the following categories:

  • Patients who weigh more than 350 pounds
  • Patients who are wheelchair bound, unable to lay down on their back or side, or unable to change positions easily on their own
  • Patients with acute symptoms of heart failure (shortness of breath, chest pain, etc.)

These more complex care needs are best addressed by a full echocardiogram performed by a specialized cardiac sonographer, which is beyond the capabilities of Caption Health's heart health exam.

Who performs the heart health exam?

The in-home cardiac ultrasound portion of the heart health exam is performed by a healthcare worker such as a nurse, medical assistant, paramedic, or sonographer. A board-certified cardiologist then conducts a clinical review of the captured ultrasound images and generates the final exam results.

How much does the heart health exam cost?

The introductory price for this service is $249.

We believe in making healthcare accessible. To discuss financial assistance, reach out to us at insights@captionhealth.com.

Is the heart health exam covered by insurance?

At this time, the heart health exam is not covered by insurance.

We believe in making healthcare accessible. To discuss financial assistance, reach out to us at insights@captionhealth.com.

Questions? Email insights@captionhealth.com.