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Heart disease remains the #1 cause of death

in the U.S and kills nearly 18 million people worldwide every year1, 2

1 in 3

older adults has structural or functional heart abnormalities without any symptoms3, 4


of people with heart failure have symptoms that are mistaken for another condition in primary care5

Early symptoms of heart disease can include fatigue, shortness of breath, and some may have mild swelling of the ankles/feet

There are many effective treatments for heart disease if you receive the proper diagnosis early, when your condition can be better managed

Especially valuable for people with

High blood pressure
Personal or family history of heart disease
Current or former smokers
Coronary artery disease
Chronic kidney disease

Take early action  with a convenient, in-home
heart health exam

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Frequently Asked Questions

*Caption Health does not provide medical services. This exam is for preventative purposes to gain information regarding your heart. Caption Health will not provide a diagnosis, treatment, or plan of care.

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