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Emulating expertise with AI

Our vision is to move specialty diagnostics and decision-making to the point of care for every patient exam. Our AI software empowers healthcare providers with new capabilities to acquire and interpret ultrasound exams.

The first and only FDA cleared AI-guided medical imaging acquisition system is now commercially available!

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Enabling clinical skill through deep learning

Caption Health was founded in 2013 on a simple but powerful concept: what if we could use technology to emulate the expertise of highly trained medical experts and put that ability into the hands of every care provider? Our vision is to transform diagnostic health care by expanding access to high-quality medical imaging in order to improve patient outcomes and reduce cost.

Meet Our Team
  • Granted Landmark De Novo for Caption Guidance™ Software

  • Named a “top five startup disrupting healthcare with AI” by Business Insider Intelligence

  • Recognized as one of the most promising AI startups by NVIDIA

  • Featured in Analytics Insights Magazine’s “10 Most Innovative Deep Learning Solutions Providers 2018”

Our AI technology portfolio includes three capabilities drawn from the expertise of sonographers and doctors.


Performing ultrasound is a complex skill which typically requires years of training to master. Our groundbreaking Caption Guidance software uses AI to provide real-time guidance, to enable healthcare providers—even those without prior ultrasound experience—to capture diagnostic-quality images in order to bring the benefits of ultrasound to more patients.

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Interpreting ultrasound images is a skill honed by physicians over many years of practice. Our interpretation software is trained on data from thousands of patients to provide an automated ejection fraction measurement that can be used by clinicians in their assessment. Additional automated measurement algorithms are currently in development.

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quality assessment

High variability in ultrasound acquisition can be a barrier to accurate diagnosis. Our algorithms automatically select the best clips from a study and quantify their image quality, enabling improved confidence in image acquisition and interpretation.

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A unique methodology to develop and deliver transformational AI.

  • Capture expert skill

    Our proprietary protocols enable us to efficiently collect algorithm training data from expert clinicians and healthcare institutions.

  • Develop AI algorithms

    Our team includes experts in applying deep neural networks to capture expert skills, enabling fast iteration for algorithm development.

  • Deliver impactful products

    Our deep understanding of clinicians allows us to frame our AI algorithms with intuitive user interfaces that fit into clinical workflow.

“Deep learning will have a profound impact on cardiac imaging in the future, and the ability to simplify acquisition will be a tremendous advance to bring echocardiograms to the point of care in primary care offices.”

Patrick M. McCarthy, M.D. Executive Director, Northwestern Medicine Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute and Vice President of Northwestern Medical Group

“Left ventricular ejection fraction has been a mainstay of echocardiography for the last 50 years. Caption Health’s use of artificial intelligence for image selection and automated EF measurement will allow clinicians to obtain accurate evaluation of ventricular function and aid in interpretation of the echocardiograms.”

Neil J. Weissman, MD, FACC, FASE Chief Scientific Officer for MedStar Health, President of MedStar Health Research Institute and a Professor of Medicine at Georgetown University School of Medicine

“Standardizing echo quality is critical to disease detection. Caption Health’s ability to automate the assessment of image quality and provide accurate measurements can enable the standardization of quality echoes and aid in their interpretation."

Dr. Madalina Petrescu Director of Echocardiographic Laboratory, Swedish Hospital

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