The First Commercially Available AI-Guided Software to Enable Ultrasound

Caption Health’s AI is transforming care by helping unblock bottlenecks for patients through empowering a broader set of health professionals to perform ultrasound exams, unleashing a critical tool for early disease detection.

Our ultimate goal is to improve cardiovascular health wherever we need to, and Caption AI is increasing access throughout the hospital to quality diagnostic images.

Patrick McCarthy, MDExecutive Director, Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute; Vice President, Northwestern Medical Group; Chief of Cardiac SurgeryNorthwestern Medicine
doctor discussing ultrasound results with patient

Expanding Care Where It’s Needed Most

Ultrasound exams are increasingly being delivered in diverse settings — from hospitals, to outpatient centers, and even in the home. Caption Health’s guidance platform dramatically increases the number of providers able to capture quality diagnostic exams, wherever and whenever needed. 

clinicians discussing artificial intelligence AI point of care ultrasound

Cardiac and Lung, with More Coming

Caption Health is catalyzing a new era of disease detection and management. Today, we are capturing a key indicator of cardiac function, and we have the support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to similarly advance lung ultrasound usage. Next up new clinical applications to improve patient care, including vascular, abdominal and oncology exams.