The world’s first and only FDA cleared AI-guided ultrasound system

Performing an ultrasound exam is a complex skill limited to a subset of clinicians with specialized training. Caption AI is equipped with a suite of breakthrough features designed to address ultrasound’s limitations and unlock its benefits.

artificial intelligence AI point of care ultrasound

Expert guidance

Maneuvering an ultrasound probe involves unnatural hand-eye coordination that takes years to master. Caption AI emulates the expertise of a sonographer by providing real-time guidance on how to position and manipulate the transducer on a patient’s body.

artificial intelligence AI point of care ultrasound

Automated quality assessment

Traditional ultrasound relies on an expert eye to recognize anatomical structures and judge image quality. Caption AI shows clinicians in real time how close they are to acquiring a good image, and automatically records the image when it reaches the diagnostic-quality threshold.

artificial intelligence AI point of care ultrasound ejection fraction EF

Intelligent interpretation

Interpreting ultrasound images is a skill honed by physicians over many years of practice. Caption AI automatically calculates ejection fraction—the most widely used measurement to assess cardiac function—from any combination of up to three cardiac views commonly acquired at the point of care: parasternal long-axis, apical 4-chamber, and apical 2-chamber.

Enabling clinical skill through deep learning

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nurse scanning artificial intelligence AI point of care ultrasound

Our ultimate goal is to improve cardiovascular health wherever we need to, and Caption AI is increasing access throughout the hospital to quality diagnostic images.

Patrick McCarthy, MDExecutive Director, Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute; Vice President, Northwestern Medical Group; Chief of Cardiac SurgeryNorthwestern Medicine

Bring the benefits of point-of-care ultrasound to more patients

doctor discussing ultrasound results with patient

Transform care

Caption AI enables quick, accurate, and timely assessment of cardiac function to inform patient management and support clinical decision-making.

clinicians discussing artificial intelligence AI point of care ultrasound

Standardize quality

Real-time feedback on diagnostic image quality and automated assessments of overall exam quality help improve and standardize quality of care.

clinician using artificial intelligence AI point of care ultrasound

Drive impact

Expand access to ultrasound, which is shown to drive valuable cost savings, clinical efficiencies, and incremental revenue for hospitals.

AI-enabled capabilities drawn from the expertise of sonographers and doctors