Introducing Caption AI

Caption AI is a transformational new technology that is designed to enable healthcare practitioners at various skill levels to perform ultrasound exams quickly and accurately, by providing clinicians with real-time guidance, automated interpretation, and quality assessment capabilities.

Pending FDA marketing authorization. Not available for sale.

Empower clinicians

Caption AI is intended to make it easier to capture diagnostic quality images to bring the benefits of ultrasound to more patients.

Standardize quality

Real-time feedback on exam quality plus automated quality assessments can help standardize the quality of care.

Drive impact

Broader access to ultrasound for informed clinical decision making can help institutions realize valuable cost and time savings.

Caption AI is equipped with a suite of revolutionary features designed to help users acquire and interpret ultrasound images with confidence.

Ultrasound for all

Conventional ultrasound relies on an expert eye to recognize anatomical structures, limiting access to a subset of clinicians with years of specialized training. Caption AI introduces inspiring new possibilities with the addition of Caption Guidance™ technology.

Ultrasound for all photo

Start smart

Begin every exam with confidence. Caption AI’s probe positioning diagram indicates where to place the probe for each view. A reference image provides a visual example of what to look for while scanning.

Start smart photo

Scan with confidence

Caption AI comes with Prescriptive Guidance, which prompts users to make specific transducer movements to optimize their image and help them capture a diagnostic quality image. Prescriptive Guidance emulates the guidance that an expert sonographer would provide to optimize the image.

Scan with confidence photo

Capture with quality

The Quality Meter lets users see in real-time how close they are to capturing a diagnostic quality image. The meter rises as the user gets closer to the optimal view, turning blue when the image is deemed diagnostic. AutoCapture then records the clip hands-free.

Capture with quality photo

Never lose your best

Caption AI continuously keeps track of the best images seen during each scanning session so the best image from each view is automatically captured. Users have the freedom to explore the view with the reassurance that they can always access the best two second clip of their scan at the touch of a button.

Never lose your best photo

Automate interpretation

Our FDA cleared interpretation technology automatically calculates the patient’s ejection fraction, the most widely used measurement to assess cardiac function, from Apical 4 Chamber and Apical 2 Chamber views.

Automate interpretation photo

Caption AI is designed to make ultrasound accessible to more healthcare practitioners

An emergency department healthcare professional uses Caption AI to acquire echocardiogram images.

Clinical Evidence

A prospective multi-center clinical study at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and Minneapolis Heart Institute was conducted to evaluate use of Caption Guidance by medical professionals without specialized echocardiography training.

After a short training course, eight registered nurses with no prior cardiac ultrasound experience used Caption Guidance to acquire 240 limited 10-view exams. Patients were stratified to include a range of BMI and cardiac pathologies.

A panel of five expert cardiologists assessed whether the exams were of sufficient image quality for four qualitative visual assessments. All four primary endpoints were met, meeting the pre-specified criteria for study success.


Left Ventricular Size
95% CI [97.6, 100]


Left Ventricular Function
95% CI [97.6, 100]


Right Ventricular Size
95% CI [88.1, 96.9]


Pericardial Effusion
95% CI [97.7, 100]

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